Crown Royale Biovite OB Shampoo 8oz – Formula 1 – Dilutes 2:1

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All three Biovite formulas are amazingly high lathering and fortified with Biotin/Panthenol vitamin and Allantoin. Biovite deep cleanses and conditions both coat and skin and revitalizes damaged hair by stimulating the skin and accelerating the metabolism of inert cells to promote hair growth and retard shedding. All three formulas give the desired texture to the coat immediately and is lasting. You do not have to wait days for the texture to return.
Biovite #1 Formula 1 is designed to specifically give a superfine texture to your dog’s coat, along with the proper amount of body. We recommend using Crown Royale Condition Plus on all fine texture coats. Dilutes 2:1
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